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  1. Second Life is a fantastic story, I really enjoyed reading it. The story is both original and intriguing. Taylor has a great descriptive writing style and sense of humour. There were a few moments when I sniggered out loud.

    There is so much I want to say… but you know…spoilers. So I’ll say what a great ending, and leave it that!

  2. Enjoyed Teresa’s Gift – although I didn’t warm to the main character I would like to read a whole novel based on the premise. Virtual Heaven was great and again, would love to read more, although that might spoil the narrative as it was rounded off so well.

    Have downloaded the full novel and will report back once I’ve read it. Thanks Taylor I do love finding new writers and LOVE it when they’re good!

  3. I actually read Teresa’s Gift not too long ago, and it was a fun, short (maybe an hour, give or take a few minutes), and left me with some thoughts and perspectives that I hadn’t expected to experience. For days, even weeks after reading Teresa’s Gift, I found myself on many occasions, considering the outcome of the story, processing my own personal values and exploring various possibilities for the story’s meaning and the aftermath of what was taking place in the plot. This is a unique writing and definitely can promote dialogue and discussion among readers that I personally find very insightful and quite a wonderful gift… a gift to us, the readers- the audience, that allows us to use our imagination and our own individual perspectives to contribute to the ultimate lesson in this story… I highly recommend this to any and everyone, those with interest in this genre or not typically…. it has something to offer us all. Thanks Taylor Kole for sharing with the world!!

  4. Loved Virtual Heaven as soon as I started it I didn’t want to put it down. It has all the elements a good scifi book should have. Looking forward to more of your work.

  5. I think Theresa’ Gift is an original story which made me laugh at the end. Move over everyone, here comes Taylor Kole. He has another story which is a good read and well worth the price. I will look forward to any others which come along in future.

  6. How fun, to be the first comment. I enjoyed Teresa’s Gift, and imagine anyone who reads it will be tickled by its many layers.
    I’m a novel reader, however, and with this “sample” under my belt, and minor awareness of the twists in Virtual Heaven, I’m anxious to devour.
    My advice to anyone reading this: if you enjoy Koontz, Crichton, Baer, King, Jeff Long, Straub, or what I’d label, cerebral thrillers that often flabbergast, you will appreciate Taylor Kole (and my endorsement).
    Good reading to all!

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