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Thank you for reading my first novel, Virtual Heaven. In 2006, a need to write consumed me. Three days later, I told my loved ones I needed a break, discarded my cellphone, moved into a dilapidated trailer, and spent six months writing in near seclusion.

Once done, I remember thinking I’d be offered a million dollars. I wasn’t ready to settle for anything less than seven. I’m still waiting.

I paid to have the manuscript reviewed and consider it money well spent. I asked the editor for a step by step recommendation. I’ve shared her step one advice often. She said, “take five years and learn how to write.”

Her straightforwardness stung, but I was, like, “Okay, I’ll do that.” Groups, books, study, writing a few hours a week, all in secrecy. Five years later, I felt confident my writing wouldn’t insult readers, but still waited. Two more years maxed out my ability to learn on my own and I sought help. Two years after that (Dec 1st 2017), I have the confidence to publish.

Virtual Heaven is important to me, even though I worry flaws mar its DNA. I've spent between 4,000-6,000 hours on this novel. That process left me jaded and nervous and hopeful the story works and entertains and gives a reader enough faith to form a link with me, give my second novel a chance. 

I do love that third act. It's like a snowball rolling down a mountain, gathering power, shaking loose an avalanche of interest that culminates in an ending I enjoy very much.

I released Virtual Heaven for free hoping to win over fans. If it worked on you; or if you feel Virtual Heaven has any merit, perhaps you would show me support by visiting Amazon, leaving me a review, and if you think the Virtual Heaven merits the action, purchase the novel for $2.99.

Positive reviews comfort and encourage new readers. The purchase, beyond funding more work, is to kick start Amazon’s analytics system.

For now, this VIP area is exclusively to those who have read, so leave your thoughts on what impacted you. Oh, and LIKE my Facebook, (a third tier goal) only 6 likes at the moment.

Until next time.

3 Comments on “VIP Virtual Heaven

  1. Virtual Heaven is an outstanding novel. Your time spent studying and writing has not been wasted and I will purchase other books from you in the future. Honestly, the characterization, the story line, the settings, plot and ending were great. Thank you so much!

  2. I read and liked Virtual Heaven very much I havent bought it on amazon only because I know Amazon wont allow me to review it…which i would do positively..because it would only be my second purchase..(not good enough amazon 👎) nice original and thought provoking storyline and i will buy your second novel. Your many years and hours were not wasted. 😊

  3. I have purchased Virtual Heaven and can say I liked it. I found it to be an original story. It does begin slow, but builds to a great climax. It has my vote and so does the author

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