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Second Life is one of numerous stories that almost stayed in the trash bin. (Virtual Heaven made it fully off the computer. A year later, I found a print copy and typed it again.)
The end of Second Life was simply too cool to keep the concept for myself. My biological father worked at Area 51. I lived with him for a few months around age 13. He said cryptic things that shaped my mind. Anything I every write dealing with aliens and UFOs emanated from those desert talks.
Second Life will probably remain my king of hard sci-fi as I picture my style more aligned with Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park, for those of you under 30). I hope Second Life is fun for anyone, but really special for that UFO, gray-loving, ET buff.
You guys are my main readers. If you clicked the link to arrive here I assume you have feelings about this story. I encourage you to leave them below. These VIP rooms are free of worry from spoilers or even from hurting me by laying complaints.
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Encouragement is your department, see the three steps above.
Regardless, thanks for being here with me.