My love of books started with Hardy Boys and Jack London. I have been writing fiction for ten years. I love to read, dissect story, and contemplate the impact of written words on the world.
I operate machinery that digs sixty foot trenches. We basically move lakes worth of water and mix concrete into the earth to support seawalls. I've spent months in numerous cities. Mes Cala, Guerero, Mexico and the oil sands of Alberta, Canada stand out as polar opposites. (In Mes Cala we often had armed guards on the job site decked in full body armor with assault rifles).
I write in the truck, at my cabin, or during my few coffee breaks. My stories are high-concept and daring. I aim to instill wonder and momentarily restore order in life using imagination.
We will learn together if I can succeed.

I finally have a print edition of Virtual Heaven, my first novel. A known writer fact: more authors will sell less than 100 copies of their novel than will sell 10,000.

As of today, 1/27/18, 36 first editions have been purchased. If you enjoy my writing and want to own a first edition print copy, it is for sale on Amazon for 9.99. If you're reading this, I've yet to sell 100.

I intend to hit that fabled 100 mark. I would be honored if you found the notion of being one of the 100 appealing. Here is the link for your copy, First Edition Virtual Heaven.

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