1) Stories must be a minimum of 1,500 or a maximum of 10,000 words in length.

2) The final stories must be edited professionally. You can submit a pre-edited story. If the story is quality, and you need one, we will refer you to our affordable editor.

3) You must include a $9.99 submission fee with each submission. Send submission fee to Include the transaction number with your submission.

4) Send your submission, along with paypal transaction number, to SUBMISSION, the in the subject line. We prefer to receive submissions in the body of the email. Attached files will not be opened. You will receive our reply 1-2 weeks after you submit.

5) For online publication, you can keep 100% of your profits. We only want to verity the quality of the work and assign you a story #. The story before yours will link to you. We ask that you link to the next one, and so on. For the print edition, there will be equal split between authors, minus printing setup fee, which we imagine to be 20%.

Questions, email or contact us through
Thanks again. Keep reading. Keep writing.

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